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Haggard & Staggered Neck/Bridge Set - Unplated

Haggard & Staggered Neck/Bridge Set - Unplated

Like everyone, sometimes we try something that doesn't end up working out. Over the years, we've purchased parts that for one reason of another don't work for our standard production models and we chose to go in another direction. We have parts bins that have been untouched for years waiting for a good opportunity to make something unique. Not to mention making space once they're gone.

Introducing the limited run affectionately named "Haggard & Staggered". They are available only as neck/bridge sets and only with the unplated covers as shown.

What's different?

The covers of these pickups are unplated nickel silver. But the look doesn't match our usual unplated covers. This makes it tough to create sets across our range of models. You'll notice these are somewhat shiny and we've taken an additional step to sand them a little to create more consistency between them, but you can still see that they are unique and have a look of their own.

The baseplate legs extend slightly longer than our usual plates as well as the mounting holes. Enough that they won't fit in a normal humbucker rout? Not at all, but they don't quite match our usual ones so we put them on the shelf.

The braided wire on these pickups has stranded wire on the inside. Our usual wire has an extra tinned overcoat. It's not vastly different, but we like to keep one style of wire for production.

What's the same?

The important detail here is that internally, we're using the exact same parts as our standard Stagger Swaggers where it matters. You're buying pickups that sound just like Stagger Swaggers.