Friends and Family

We've had the opportunity to work with some great people. These are a few of them. Check out their work and help support their passion to make great music possible.


Agape Guitars
Alexander James Guitars
Amara Guitars
Ambler Guitars
Aroutine Guitars
Ayers Guitar Co.
Banning Guitars
Bear Guitars
Bottomline Guitars
Buck Guitars
BZB Guitar Co.
Cave and Canary
CE Distribution
Circle Three Designs
Copeland Guitars
Dean Gordon Guitars
Dyck Friesen
Flood Customs
Foundry Guitars
Funston Guitars
Griffin’s Guitars
Gudde Co.
Hall Customs
Hano Guitars
James' Home of Tone
Honey Tea and Maplewood
Iron Horse Instruments
James' Home of Tone
Jaycemade Guitars
Jennings Guitars
Johnston Custom Guitars
Jon Parson Guitar Workshop
Kauer Guitars
Keegan Guitars
Kinghat Guitars
Ladale Custom Guitars
Layne Guitars
Leigh Guitars
Lucci Music
Luckytown Customs
Magnolia Guitar Company
McConnell Guitars
McLane Guitars
Mule Resonators
NO Guitars
Northwind Guitar Company
Reddit Guitars
Rhoney Guitars
Riggio Guitars
Rohlack Guitars
RPM Guitars
Scero Guitars
Selindh Custom Guitars
Seven Custom
SLJ Guitars
Sound Sharing Co.
Sundlof Guitars
TRS Guitars
Unitas Guitars
Walsh Guitars
Waterslide Guitars
Yamaha Guitar Development