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The Stagger Swaggers have been our most popular pickups since their release in early 2014. So when the idea came up to dive into a limited edition run, they were a natural choice as the foundation to build on. We scoured through hundreds of vintage LPs and 78s in search of pieces that we hope will invoke the spirit of creativity that has always fuelled the true musicians.

Fame and glory? For some, sure. But in these pieces we focus on the hard work that goes unnoticed, the songs that must be sung despite the audience - or lack of audience, and we pay homage to the skill and determination it truly takes musicians to press through the challenges of an ever-changing industry for the sake of never quitting. (No Pink Floyd LPs were harmed in the making of this series)

These are mere snippets of the music and art of musicians that perhaps didn't shape the teenage years of a generation, but indeed poured their life into what they loved regardless. That kind of tenacity doesn't die. Let it inspire you.


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