Strat Wiring

Strat Wiring

Traditional Strat wiring uses the tone pots to control the neck and middle pickups. The bridge pickup usually bypasses any tone control leaving it with only one tone setting: ULTRA BRIGHT. To compound the problem, many Strat bridge pickups tend to already be very bright. We address this in a couple of ways. First, our Strat pickup sets are balanced to give a great range of usable tones from all of the pickups. Secondly, our standard Strat wiring brings even more control to the situation by allowing you to adjust the tone of all three pickups.

This is wiring that makes sense. Master volume, Tone #1 for neck and middle, and Tone #2 for the bridge. A .02uf PIO cap also lends a more usable tone sweep. These might sound like subtle changes, but when everything just works great as a system, it can make all the difference.

As usual, we use high quality parts expertly assembled.