Soap Bar V2 Stagger Swagger

Soap Bar V2 Stagger Swagger

The beloved tone of our V2 Stagger Swaggers, but made to install in P90 routs. It's about time!

Since their introduction, we keep hearing from customers that Stagger Swaggers are the best sounding pickups they have ever heard.  ---  Gosh, thanks! :)

That's a little vague, though. Here's what you can realistically expect: They do away with the old "have your cake and eat it" dilemma. They have all the dynamics and sizzle of true single coil pickups. Crisp and clear with beautiful depth in the low end. The V2s have a little more output than before, but they keep the chime that has made them so popular. They also happened to be noise-cancelling. Go ahead, eat up!

Available in body mount or pickguard mount.